1. Quality control system

CHINA HEAVY LIFT passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification in 2007. Through years’continuous efforts, main quality management system documents as below:

TJ-CX01-2008      Management review procedure
TJ-CX02-2008      Document control procedure
TJ-CX03-2008      File management system
TJ-CX04-2008      Record control procedure
TJ-CX05-2008      Contract Control procedure
TJ-CX06-2008      Design and development control procedure
TJ-CX07-2008      Procurement control procedure
TJ-CX08-2008      Subcontract control program
TJ-CX09-2008      Material (parts) control procedure
TJ-CX10-2008      Process control procedure
TJ-CX11-2008      Production process control procedure
TJ-CX12-2008      Welding control procedure
TJ-CX13-2008      Heat treatment control procedure
TJ-CX14-2008      NDT control procedure
TJ-CX15-2008      Physical and chemical inspection control procedure
TJ-CX16-2008      Inspection and testing control procedure
TJ-CX17-2008      Inspection records and reports control system
TJ-CX18-2008      Device control procedure
TJ-CX19-2008      Inspection and test equipment control procedure
TJ-CX20-2008      Nonconforming product (item) control procedure
TJ-CX21-2008      Corrective and preventive measures to control procedure
TJ-CX22-2008      Internal audit control procedure
TJ-CX23-2008      Service Control procedure
TJ-CX24-2008      Human resource control procedure
TJ-CX25-2008      Perform special equipment licensing system
TJ-SC-2008         Quality Assurance Manual
TJ-ZY01-2010      Incoming inspection procedure
TJ-ZY02-2010      Process inspection specification
TJ-ZY03-2010      Fixed platform vehicles inspection operating instruction
TJ-ZY04-2010      Safety rules
TJ-ZY05-2011      Tooling, mold management
TJ-ZY06-2010      Process for Discipline Inspection

People oriented, prevention first
The company long-term absorb outstanding technical staff and high level skilled workers, ensure that we have industry’s top staff leader in designing, technology, processing, manufacturing, assembly, etc. Meanwhile, through regular training and study, continuously improve the quality awareness of employees, long term to carry out “quality from me” and other quality Cultural Month activities.

Process control, Clear rewards and punishments
At all stages of product design, manufacturing, production, etc, responsibility to the people. Technical departments strictly enforce the three signature and audit system; production departments strict compliance with the fill in process sheets, promptly investigate the cause when happen quality problem. Will reward the departments and employees who did good quality according to “CHINA HEAVY LIFT Quality management regulation” Will make the punishment to the departments and employees who have quality problem according to the actual situation

Continuous improvement, Striving for excellence
Promptly resolve the problems of production and after sales, improve design and technology; Constantly learning advanced technology, striving for excellence brands of China heavy transport equipment.

2. Quality policy

Honest for foundation:     Win the market on the basis of good faith
Quality first:                        The product quality is always the first place
Client foremost:                Always pay attention to the customer, meet customer needs
Continuously improve:    Continuous improvement is the eternal goal of company

3. Quality assurance measures

  • All the subcontract company pass ISO9000 Certificate, The quality of parts and components are into our quality control system.
  • Steel suppliers are required to provide material quality books, we company responsible for the sampling and send professional organizations re-inspection.
  • Outsourcing parts do quality inspection and check their certificate, before stored in the warehouse.
  • All components and key processes must pass the inspection and signed by quality control personnel, then can transferred to the next process.
  • For important subcontract parts, we send professionals to supervise of production and ensure quality at their factory, responsible for product testing, supervision of production period, coordination & liaison between company and subcontract factory.Timely reporting production progress, quality inspection record to the company’s project Leader.
  • From designing, producing, testing, sourcing, subcontract, to final commissioning and testing, every step must be in strict to the quality control system of products, make a detailed record.

4. Main processing machinery and testing equipment configuration

CHINA HEAVY LIFT have new factories and office buildings covering more than 45,000㎡, the modernized standard workshop covering 18500㎡. We have 78 advanced production equipment, including bridge crane, CNC cutting machines, horizontal boring machines, gantry type automatic submerged arc welding machine, 300 ton demolition bending machine, 250 ton plate shearing machine, etc.

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