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Whenever reliability, safety and economic is needed, there is a solution:
Heavy-duty transport vehicles manufactured by CHINA HEAVY LIFT, since 2003.

Transporters by CHINAHEAVYLIFT always satisfy any type of load. Providing the whole specialist services for the transportation of oversize and overweight cargo. Manufacturing different type trailers can be Fully Compatible with the Original German model, 45 ton capacity, Nicolas MEDE, Scheuerle Inter-Combi, Cometto. Main clients are located in over 50 countries, more than 9,000 axle lines Modular Trailer and 600 axle lines SPMT are in use around the world, including EU, US and CN region. And we adopt all Main Components from Germany to ensure the quality. Our transporter concepts are much flexible, one reason why we are able to offer legally conform solutions for many countries, always are able to bear heavy loads – With its Combine program.

CHINAHEAVYLIFT offers a comprehensive range of combination vehicles for heavy-duty transportation. An extensive range of accessories such as gooseneck, lowbed trailer, spacer(flatbed), girder bridge, dropdeck, and other trailer equipment or types of decks complete the professional transportation solutions by CHINA HEAVY LIFT.

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Email:    yoko@chinaheavylift.com        

Add:  No. 3855 Shangnan Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China

CHINA HEAVY LIFT is the Leading Manufacturer of Heavy Lift & Transport Equipment in China

Modular Trailer (Hydraulic Multi Axle Trailer轴线车
SPMT (Self-Propelled Modular Transporters自行式液压平板车
Low BedLow BoyFlat BedExtendable Trailer 低平板,平板车,集装箱车,伸缩平板车
Windmill Transporter (Turbine Blade/Nacelle/Tower section风电运输车
Specialized Transport Equipment 其他特种运输设备

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Chinaheavylift - Products Global Sales Maps

Chinaheavylift – Products Global Sales Maps

Chinaheavylift - After-Sale Service

Chinaheavylift – After-Sale Service

Chinaheavylift - customers

Chinaheavylift – customers